Cloud Security

Migrating your business infrastructure to the cloud may create a security gap, exposing critical data and internal systems to cyber threats. Cyber Accord offers continuous cloud security testing to protect your business against destructive cyber attacks.


Why CyberAccord’s Security Testing is the Ultimate

Our security testing is multi-platform, multidimensional and strategic to secure your business infrastructure from malicious access.

CyberAccord delivers security testing in four main approaches

Azure/AWS Security Assessment

CyberAccord detects issues with your AWS and Azure to improve security and reliability. We perform security checks regardless of whether your data is hosted on Infrastructure as a Service
(IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

AWS Security Architecture

CyberAccord’s cybersecurity provision extends to AWS architecture. Staying ahead with AWS
threat intelligence and security recommendations helps transform your threat handling


Managed O365 Security

Securing Microsoft O365 applications such as Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and
SharePoint, etc, protects your integrity and confidentiality. CyberAccord helps protect your organization from the ever-evolving Microsoft O365 threat landscape. We provide both visibility

Managed AWS Security

Our Managed AWS provides a multi-layered approach to give you the right level of enterprise
protection. At CyberAccord, we offer managed AWS monitoring and Incident response to create
a formidable asset and applications’ security.

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