Cloud Security Audit and Assessment

Continuously audit and assess your cloud assets for security breaches and non-standard operations with CyberAccord.
The objective of Cloud Audit is to deliver a mutual interface and namespace that lets organizations who are interested in optimizing their cloud audit procedures as well as cloud processing providers to program the Audit, Assertion, Valuation, and Assurance of their cloud infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and application (SaaS) environments and allow legitimate users of their services to do the same through a friendly, extensible and protected interface and approach.
CyberAccord’s Cloud Security Audit and Assessment service boost the security of your open clouds by isolating threats triggered by misconfigurations, unwarranted entree, and non-standard deployments. We automate your organization’s security management with reference to industry standards, regulatory directives, and sound practices to avoid issues like unsecured storage buckets, unrestricted security groups, and crypto-mining damages.
The flexible features of the cloud make it challenging to trace and list threats. Our integrated cloud audit and assessment solution provides a comprehensive view of your cloud assets’ security posture, which includes cloud host exposures, compliance basics, and threat reports so that our clients can contextually focus on remediation.
We give you a full picture of your cloud catalog, the situation of assets across global regions, and full view into the shared cloud security posture of all cloud assets and resources.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) presents a wide group of universal computer, storage, analytics, application, and performance services that make organizations advance faster, cut IT costs, and measurement applications. Several organizations are implementing AWS to expand internal data hubs and improve the flexibility of the public cloud. Despite the fact that AWS secures the data bank, organizations are responsible for protecting everything they put in it. As AWS provides the flexibility that your organization requires, it is vital to focus on your public security responsibilities by shielding what you deploy on AWS from cyber threats and malicious attacks.
CyberAccord Consultancy develops a broad security service for your AWS files including firewall, security gateway, intrusion prevention, and web application security. Consult our team of cloud experts to ensure that you deploy efficient security measures up front aimed at securing your Amazon Web Services cloud deployment and eliminate any unplanned security gaps. We constantly update our services to ensure we are on track with the latest from AWS and provide exceptional security services for your specific AWS.
Our up-to-date AWS security and analytics solutions allow organizations to speedily process and explore all their AWS data wherever it lives and then develops reports from this information which will lead to greater user insight, increase products and services, and reduce cyber threats.


Like every other shared cloud vendor, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Security functions under the self-styled shared responsibility model. Google is responsible for the base security, instance quarantine, and other shared security facilities of the cloud’s infrastructure. However, GCP users are accountable for what is put in the cloud environment and this involves all information, applications and its security.
CyberAccord Consultancy provides you with GCP services, that offer your organization with a greater security system than the default program provided by customary on-premises services. We help organizations enhance their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a joint assessment of resources, inventory, management and more.
Our team of Cloud Audit and Assessment experts provides deep insights into your GCP services and delivers custom alerts and detailed reports aimed at offering you the comprehensive visibility required, to fully optimize your Google Cloud. We proactively monitor your GCP environment for vulnerabilities such as common misconfigurations and storage bucket vulnerabilities so as to keep your cloud ecosystem efficient and secure in real time.
Cyber Attack offers organizations the capability to securely deploy and continuously monitor your critical apps on GCP, decreasing the time it takes to troubleshoot security issues while providing organizations with the best experience to its users on GCP or across various clouds and data centers while keeping a high level of security.


Security on Microsoft Azure is an extensive group of security protocols and defenses handled by Microsoft and the client, all created to ensure complete security of the cloud-based platform. Azure comes with a vast range of customizable security decisions, as well as the capability to operate them when needed. As the platform vendor, Microsoft upholds thorough guidelines for security maintenance. Full electronic contact to the cloud servers is strictly monitored, including Microsoft’s team.
Several organizations using Microsoft technologies are in search of proficient experts to help them with the complexity of the Azure platform, as they turn to the cloud. However, accessing the assets and expertise to manage your Azure security and operations is a fazing job that can distract your organization from its core objectives.
CyberAccord’s Azure services go further than its infrastructure. We provide organizations with practical managed cloud services that covers resource planning, analytics solutions, and application assessment & life-cycle management. Our team of Cloud Audit and Assessment experts will provide the best solutions for your Azure cloud, together with you, abiding by your business objectives, whatsoever they may be.
We work closely with organizations in protecting their Azure-hosted websites and web-facing applications from all kinds of cyber-attacks, and then develop reports from our assessments, which will lead to greater user insight, increase products and services, and address vulnerabilities.

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