Cyber Security Program Development and Maturity

 Security Program Road Map

Applying Innovative Strategic Services to Develop and Execute Efficient Security Programs.

The growing threat of data breaches continues to increase the visibility of information security within an organization. In developing an effective security program, it is important to combine operational superiority and security priorities to align with your organization’s objectives. Additionally, it is very important to express a clear vision of how your security program covers the realities of your organization.
CyberAccord’s Cyber Security Program Development and Maturity service provide clients with a practical approach in assessing their cybersecurity maturity and developing the next steps for their organization security journey. We evaluate the current state of an organization’s maturity and identify areas that will improve their security status to an effective level.
CyberAccord Cyber Security Program Development and Maturity is a consulting service aimed at helping organizations better understand their security position in terms of their information systems and databases. Our certified security consultants, offer clients valuable insights into an organization’s present status of maturity and their ability to identify and address security threats. Our detailed report uncovers security breaches and develops the basis for a future strategy.
Organizations can also effectively use our consulting services to identify and prioritize the appropriate steps in developing their security roadmap so that they can reduce compliance threat exposure and manage cybersecurity risk while also protecting their organizational objectives. VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT

Despite an organization’s best efforts ineffective cyber risk management, its applications are often released with bugs and installed with misconfigurations, or its core technology is constantly changing, that it becomes a challenging task for administrators to keep pace with its new technological trends.
An effective method used to determine the flaws of an organization’s system and networks is the vulnerability assessment test, which helps to test-run your data systems and applications so as to determine its resilience to both internal and external threats.
CyberAccord’s Vulnerability Assessment service is designed to define, identify, classify and address any vulnerabilities and potential threats to your organization’s data systems and cloud network. Our objective is to provide clients with a detailed report of potential security threats by looking for bugs, misconfigurations, open ports, unpatched services and more.
In achieving this, we integrate the expertise of our experienced professionals with our specialist assessment tools in uncovering exposures, classifying them by criticality and providing clients with detailed procedures that help them in mitigating vulnerabilities that constantly pose a security threat.
Our certified team of vulnerability specialists will work directly with you to examine the report and take collective steps in identifying and developing mitigating strategies that will help remediate the identified vulnerabilities.


To prevent cyber threats, organizations are spending huge funds on firewall solutions and malware protection. However, even with these costly methods, most organizations remain unaware of what their greatest vulnerabilities. This is simply because cyberattackers are always on the lookout for often overlooked exposures in an organization’s network, such as bugged software, abandoned user ID, poor password protection or undermanaged IT servers.
When organizations are affected by cyber-attacks, it is through their cyber assets; and that includes their hardware, network systems, and software which all serve as a point of entry for unethical hackers. IT assets are frequently unmanaged within organizations, usually, because management duties are shared between different organization sectors and honestly because the task isn’t considered all that thrilling. To combat cyber threats, organizations must evaluate their IT assets to have an idea of how it being operated, who is using it and if it’s up to date. This is where we at CyberAccord can be of help with our asset management services.
Complete asset management is very important to operatethe an effective IT infrastructure, service and cyber security management program. CyberAccord provides you with effective programs that provide organizations with a detailed view of their software and hardware inventory, potential threats as well as ultimately offering organizations with cost-effective protective measures that align their IT investment with their business objectives.


The need for protection of data is becoming increasingly apparent after several high-profile cyber-attacks have resulted in leaks of both organization and customer data. These data breaches catastrophically affect an organizations reputation as customers bemoan the violation of their trust which results in a financial bailout. To help prevent this problem, organizations need to be able to plan and prioritize mitigating strategies and have these strategies understood and acted upon by cybersecurity firms.
CyberAccord’s Data Management and Privacy Program provide clients with powerful and proven data and privacy platform to manage and validate privacy agreement with the GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws and regulations.
Our data management and privacy program is an extensive technology solution designed to provide our clients at every stage of their privacy program, complying with jurisdictions and cutting across the enterprise. Our flexible program is very easy to implement and every module in our program are unified and scalable so that they work with you as your organization evolves.
It is designed to help organizations identify and assess the privacy breaches and risks posed by data processing activities involving personally identifiable data by tracking regulatory and data breach statements with data protection authorities.


With the increasing volume and speed of dynamic and emerging threats, many organizations are scrambling for effective threat intelligence solutions. They do not have detailed information about emerging cyber threats and end up purchasing ineffective standalone solutions that work in silos, making it impossible to efficiently combat cyber-attacks so as to achieve maximum value.
By incorporating an efficient threat intelligence program into their security procedures, organizations can now reduce the time involved in the detection of cyber threats and respond more effectively.
CyberAccord’s Threat Intelligence Program enhances your security operations by helping you define your organization cyber landscape tailored to your specific business environment. Our team of threat intelligence researchers investigate cyber-attacks and develop action-oriented information about advanced malware and threats in the form of specific notifications and detailed reports. Our detailed reports include descriptions of specific threats, malware, and exposures, which provides organizations with an insight into the malicious behaviors of these threats.
Unlike other security programs that misidentify the malicious intents of malware which is very important to understanding the scope and intent of attackers, our threat intelligence program focuses on detailing the intentions that advanced threats would likely exhibit. Armed with our threat intelligence program, your organization can be assured of securing its networks and information systems from malware threats efficiently.


One of the major task for business organizations is that too much data spread across numerous tools. Growing cyber threats and an evolving number of exposed endpoints have also made it a challenge for even the most secure organizations. Every click and keystroke leave a digital mark and too many disconnected point offerings undermine your organization’s efforts towards creating real-time analysis report and compliance audit.
This progressive threat trend has pushed us at CyberAccord to employ a next-generation SIEM software supported by a dedicated security operations center in securing your organization’s cyber assets from an increasing array of risk.
CyberAccord’s managed SIEM definition service is driven by our SOC to serve as a management layer for your organization’s security systems, flexible enough to protect small to large organizations from security breaches. We will proactively examine your SIEM system and employ disaster prevention plans that eradicate and supports network recovery from any cyber-attack.
Our team of certified professionals, pride themselves on providing a SIEM definition service that is oriented on security principles and industry best applications backed up by one of the most advanced security intelligent platforms. We respond promptly to system threats and take practical SIEM strategies to uncover vulnerabilities and handle patching.


Accidental outages occur for various reasons such as hard failure, security breaches and for unexpected causes too such as fires and floods. But with CyberAccord, these unplanned outages do not have to hinder your organizational operations. Our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions ensure that we successfully expedite a full recovery of your entire business environment during a crisis while also swiftly resuming business operations.
CyberAccord provides your organizations IT assets with the reliability and resiliency needed to keep them running – no matter what. With our easy disaster recovery as a service, state of the art backup and recovery appliances, CyberAccord has got you covered. Swift data recovery is secure with our constant updates to a virtual network which can be triggered immediately if there is a problem with the principal network.
We guarantee your business continuity by enhancing your IT assets and shielding your information systems and databases. CyberAccord’s business continuity service allows organizations to eliminate complexity and expenses from their existing environment while also giving them comprehensive visibility across their hybrid IT setting. We offer clients with cost-effective services that help them classify and retrieve underused resources.


New vulnerabilities arise as your cyber landscape expands, often initiated by system flaws, configuration errors, insecure endpoint devices, bugged OS updates and much more. Like most essential network security programs, examining your organization’s vulnerability management software can quickly become a full-time task. Yet, most vulnerability programs do little to assist organizations in eliminating vulnerability and risk information within their environment.
They are simply lacking dedicated resources that can regularly scan and examine their working environment for vulnerabilities, linking those vulnerabilities with threat intelligence and real-world cyber-attacks while also handling remediation as part of a greater IT security program.
At CyberAccord, we believe that security professionals deserve the absolute best from their adopted vulnerability management program in order to identify and mitigate threats to their customers and cyber assets. Our Vulnerability Management Program is designed to assist organizations in fully managing their full vulnerability landscape across their cloud and on-premises environments.
Our result-driven reporting vulnerability program covers all devices enterprise-wide, including network, web, cloud and virtual assets while also offering the client with relevant and applicable data to IT and security teams in your organization. Finally, our vulnerability management solution is integrated with scanning capabilities that assist organizations in authenticating and assessing their vulnerability remediation activities in a trouble-free and effective way.


IT governance is the major element in handling your information security program and protecting your organization’s information technology assets. It fully impacts the security compliance, strategy and management of any organization; However, organizations commit lots of resources to manually compile evidence on control compliance and understand cyber exposure.
These time-consuming procedures, make organizations vulnerable to cyber-attacks which may lead to compromise of their information systems and databases.
CyberAccord’s IT Security Governance service makes it easy to record and track policies, vital controls, systems, procedures, and users- all in one environment. Our services are designed for IT standard frameworks and optimum practices integrated precisely into an organization’s day-to-day software workflow, making it easy to reduce risk and collaborate with their front route.
Our approach includes examining strategies required to safeguard information and network-based systems, especially where reliability and confidentiality, or non-rejection of information is vital. CyberAccord helps to assure your controls are functioning as intended by evaluating transactional data for irregularities.
With our well-defined IT security governance service, organizations can communicate key concepts to business users and constantly develop requirements to better measure, handle and eliminate cyber threats so as to keep stride with today’s digital sphere.


The greatest cybersecurity vulnerabilities in any organization are its end users and technical staff. This is simply because cyber attackers target an organization through its people, mostly using user information in the online community to gain their trust. Cyber-attacks evolve every day because an end user unknowingly clicked phishing links, malicious email links, or publicized credentials and other sensitive data online or provided a little too much data to an individual faking as a vendor.
With the widespread nature of many cyber breaches, organizations are using cybersecurity awareness programs in educating their end users and staff to be more vigilant of cyber threats so that its business can stay secure. However, most of these security awareness programs are obsolete as cyber attackers are developing new strategies to obtain sensitive information from unwary users. So how do organizations evaluate the effectiveness of these programs and improve them once they are in use?
CyberAccord’s complete Security Awareness Program Improvement service is aimed at improving cybersecurity awareness in your organization without the need to increase staff or assign supplementary resources. Our improvement solution, is straightforward and troublefree, assisting organizations in reducing risk, reduce threats and safeguard their position by experiencing fewer breaches, thereby fortifying and enhancing their overall cyber security assets.


There are numerous security risks involved when an organization gives third-party vendors access to their network system and database. When your third-party vendor or even your most trusted partnership gets hacked, your organization will lose sensitive business data and vital employee information will be compromised. In summary, for those third-party vendors with access to your important business data or network, their security vulnerabilities become your vulnerabilities.
CyberAccord defines your full vendor risk organization lifecycle, keeping you ahead of every stage – from onboarding and threat evaluation to remediation, performance supervision, and constant assessment. We audit your third-party vendor, trusted partners, and supplier – managing every phase of your risk management process and reforming third-party threat activities while annexing important supporting records that guarantee compliance and satisfies governing requirements.
CyberAccord broadens your evaluation landscape with easy definition of third-party sourced data thereby identifying and uncovering financial threat pointers and findings on the vendor, risk reports and more. We keep a threat inventory of vendors, which helps your organization in modifying the access rank they have to your sensitive data. Furthermore, we make your organizations third-party risk program more authoritative, as it provides you with insights obtained from intelligence and analytics.


Incident response refers to the process by which an organization manages a security breach or cyber-attack, including the approach the organization uses to handle the consequences of the attack. Today, digital business initiatives and the massively increasing size and scale of the internet continue to lower the bar for hackers to carry out successful attacks. The decreasing cost of web infrastructure enables cyber attackers to swiftly build and deploy malicious sites and bring them down just as fast.
Today’s incident response teams, no matter their size or maturity level, have to sift through a massive amount of alerts and data to identify vulnerabilities and respond to threats without being led astray by false positives.
CyberAccord’s incident response maturity improvement services provide organizations with the necessary tools to proactively contain threats and respond in the incident of a data breach. Our consultants work with you to develop and execute improvement strategies and procedure, sharing the adept expertise needed to respond immediately to a data breach. We put into effect a robust incident response improvement tool that provides organizations with the capacity to swiftly respond to a security breach thereby regulating the extent of damage of any event they have.