Security Advisory

Cyber risks have become an enormous business liability and can cost your organization millions. That’s why Cyber Accord’s advisory and security consulting have taken a considerable leap to address the essential elements of cybersecurity, including risk management, governance, and security policy implementation. Our advisory spans the entire security cycle to identify gaps in your IT environment and provide recommendations and an improvement
Learn how Cyber Accord’s tailored advisory services and security expertise, together with
actionable insights, can enhance resilience in the face of sophisticated cyber threats!


Why CyberAccord’s Security Testing is the Ultimate

Our security testing is multi-platform, multidimensional and strategic to secure your business infrastructure from malicious access.

CyberAccord delivers security testing in four main approaches

vCISO – US Based CISO Services

Having high-level security and resilience requires constant attention, and that’s why Cyber
Accord steps in to provide top-notch CISO services to protect your organization. We help
organizations develop and implement security programs to protect data and information and
strengthen their reputation.

Security Policies and Documentation

Security policies are the foundation of an organization’s security. To have a robust IT
environment, each organization requires proper policy-making and documentation. Cyber
Accord helps create the ultimate policies that guide your organization’s security. Our policy and
documentation approaches are designed to accelerate compliance.

Security Controls

Security controls play a crucial role in protecting your organization. They shape the roles of
cybersecurity professionals to mitigate risks. At Cyber Accord, we aim to implement security
controls that detect, prevent, and correct actions of your top professionals to achieve integrity,
availability, and confidentiality of information.


Security Awareness Training

Employees play key roles in organizations, and training them to have the know-how to defend the organization is a healthy security approach. At Cyber Accord, we reveal your employees’’ weaknesses and strengths and empower them against cybercriminals. Our security training awareness includes educating employees on cyber threats and the best security methods that improve your organization’s security.

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