Vendor/Third Party Security Questionnaire and Assessment

Reduce the risk of performing transactions with vendors and other third parties.
A successful business organization is built on customer trust but understanding whether your vendors/third parties deserve that trust is difficult. With the upsurge of information technology, the circumstances in which trust can be intentionally or unintentionally broken, have increased and become more compound.
Vendor /Third Party questionnaires and assessment is an excellent technique for confirming that vendors abide by appropriate information security procedures so that your organization can evaluate the threat of entrusting them with your information.
Ensuring that your data is secure extends beyond your own company and it’s your responsibility to make sure your vendors take security seriously.
CyberAccord cybersecurity risk consultants can help you pinpoint third-party security threats by providing accurate questionnaires and assessments for your organization. Our excellent, expert consultants in third-party security questionnaires and assessments employ sophisticated solutions designed to enhance efficiency and provide value.
We streamline your third-party and security risk assessment procedures completely, from the questionnaire creation phase. Finally, CyberAccord provides consulting services to organizations, that assist them in maintaining a distinct system of record for all Vendors and Third-Parties Questionnaires and Assessments while monitoring their risk level across all levels.

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