Vulnerability Management

Improve your defenses with CyberAccord’s Vulnerability Services.

Cyber threats are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and malicious. Despite massive investments in security operations, many organizations continue to struggle with implementing the right security and risk strategy, to properly mitigate the vulnerabilities associated with cyber threats, which can catastrophically affect their business operations and erode customer trust. These problems arise when organizations are unaware of their exposure to cyber threats, thereby making them unprepared to reduce these threats.
CyberAccord offers the best-practice Vulnerability Management Services that ensures your organization’s network and applications are secure. Our comprehensive Vulnerability consulting services, help you identify security threats, manage your security mechanisms and improve your defenses.
Our proven approaches to vulnerability management, allows our clients to leverage the knowledge of our vulnerability management professionals – who help in designing programs that align your defensive capabilities to your organization’s objectives within your specific environment.
CyberAccord’s full spectrum of methodologies and operational procedures, employ the use of our modern Security Operational Centers (SOC) invalidating findings and delivering dynamic strategies that can demonstrate a quantifiable reduction in risk to your organization. Our deep technical specialists, will implement threat-strategies and provide thorough feedback to help improve your defenses.


Despite an organization’s best efforts ineffective cyber risk management, its applications are often released with bugs and installed with misconfigurations, or its core technology is constantly changing, that it becomes a challenging task for administrators to keep pace with its new technological trends.
An effective method used to determine the flaws of an organization’s system and networks is the vulnerability assessment test, which helps to test-run your data systems and applications so as to determine its resilience to both internal and external threats.
CyberAccord’s Vulnerability Assessment service is designed to define, identify, classify and address any vulnerabilities and potential threats to your organization’s data systems and cloud network. Our objective is to provide clients with a detailed report of potential security threats by looking for bugs, misconfigurations, open ports, unpatched services and more.
In achieving this, we integrate the expertise of our experienced professionals with our specialist assessment tools in uncovering exposures, classifying them by criticality and providing clients with detailed procedures that help them in mitigating vulnerabilities that constantly pose a security threat.
Our certified team of vulnerability specialists will work directly with you to examine the report and take collective steps in identifying and developing mitigating strategies that will help remediate the identified vulnerabilities.


Vulnerabilities arise on a daily basis within networks, web applications and information systems. Exposures may result from software defects or misconfigurations of data systems. Cyber attackers are coming up with numerous ways of exploiting these exposures and introducing malicious malwares into organizational web networks and data systems which can result in catastrophic data breaches and impede business operations. Surveys suggest that over 80% of websites and applications are vulnerable to different kinds of security threats that makes them prone to data breaches.
By reducing expensive, inefficient and error-prone manual vulnerability tests, CyberAccord’s Vulnerability Remediation service is available to help organizations in minimizing the timeframe required in effectively address the high risk vulnerabilities within their information systems and networks.
Our approach at CyberAccord, involves providing organizations with the expertise required in designing a detailed remediation strategy, that aligns with the detailed report of their identified vulnerabilities and execute this strategy while keeping track of the general project status. We work closely with our client’s development team to deliver a prioritized strategy for tackling identified security breaches within the client’s environment.
The end goal is to help organizations protect their information systems and networks by uncovering vulnerabilities within these systems and providing tools to successfully manage the complete vulnerability period.

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