Penetration Testing

Think Offensively to Secure your Cyber Defenses.

Security threats tend to occur where organizations expect them the least. As a security-conscious organization, you should repeatedly try to conduct several validated tests so as to safeguard your cyber assets from malicious and sophisticated threats.
To prevent your organization from imminent security breaches and improve your existing security defenses against cyber attackers, cyber professionals recommend organizations to employ the services of cybersecurity firms to measure the efficiency of their cyber defenses. The widely accredited way of measuring the efficiency of cyber defenses and in so doing reducing security risk is by penetration testing.
CyberAccord offers sophisticated penetration testing services that help our clients carefully emulate the malicious intents of cyber attackers. Our penetration testing team assess your organization’s information systems holistically, from the perspective of a cyber-attacker. Our discoveries coupled with expertise help your organization identify network vulnerabilities and validate your cyber defenses.
Using modern hacker strategies, we execute simulated attacks on your organization’s network systems so as to identify exposures that may result in data breaches. We target your organizations internal and external network infrastructure, web applications, databases and more; providing you with key evidence of threats and suggestions for efficient strategies to enhance your overall security.



Knowing the differences between internal and external penetration tests is key so that organizations can employ the method that is best suited for them and suitably gauge the results. That is why we are here, to help you identify vulnerabilities and understand which penetration test procedure to adopt before cyber attackers can exploit them.
CyberAccord’s approach to network-based penetration test goes beyond vulnerability analysis as we adopt the use of ethical hacking and controlled exploits to uncover exposures in your network. We provide clients with the expertise and knowledge required to fully examine their network systems from both internal and external threats.
Our pen-testing team, equipped with the latest tools, leverage their penetration testing strategies and threat intelligence to provide a real-life picture of how cyber attackers would achieve unapproved access to your network-based environment.
We conduct a full diagnostic of your network including mapping and a complete port scanning of open ports, closed ports, and filtered ports. After running a complete scan, we evaluate the OS type, system type and patch level of your network accompanied by protocol identification.
At the conclusion of both penetration tests, we deliver a detailed set of reports and actionable recommendations that help them mitigate the identified data breaches with their network. 


Web application penetration test, is an essential test that is part of a thorough software security assessment procedure. Web application testing is particularly vital in the case of ecommerce oriented portals, in which the whole business depends on website and its database.
While programmed testing technology can uncover many vulnerabilities in web applications, it requires a web application penetration test to identify specific vulnerabilities that may lead to database breaches when left unresolved.
CyberAccord offers clients with advanced web application testing that merges manual processes and automated scans, to help them analyze all aspects of their web application and uncovering all security vulnerabilities. Our web application testing strategies, allow our clients to feature security testing into several web application models and throughout the application’s operational period.
Our team of expert penetration specialists, will tailor every test to the specifics of your web application by employing the use of industry-standard tools to help identify and prioritize your business risks. Accurate scoping defines the kind of tests that best identifies your flaws and whether the test should be performed from an authentic and unauthentic viewpoint.
So if you need to examine your applications security, so as to meet compliance with security standards, CyberAccord’s web penetration test service is designed to identify security issues that may arise from insecure development procedures in your web application. 

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