Security Questoinnaires

Custom questionnaires can be tricky. They have different terminology and questions that make the response process overly complicated. At Cyber Accord, we help organizations respond to any custom questionnaires regardless of how complicated they are.


Why CyberAccord’s Security Testing is the Ultimate

Our security testing is multi-platform, multidimensional and strategic to secure your business infrastructure from malicious access.

CyberAccord delivers security testing in four main approaches


Higher education institutions rely heavily on outsourcing, and this pits them against numerous
vendor risks. Through the HECVAT questionnaire, they can assess their vendor’s cloud risks. At
Cyber Accord, we simplify and accelerate the process of filing the HECVAT questionnaires.


The majority of businesses are adopting SIG questionnaires to understand their vendor’s IT
risks. Cyber Accord helps your organization respond to SIG questionnaires and present a better
picture of your security risk management.


Most organizations want to work with organizations that have stable cloud security. Learn how
Cyber Accord can help you complete the CAIG/CCM questionnaires in a satisfactory way.

Vendor Security Alliance Questionnaire (VSAQ)

Many organizations use the VSAQ as a benchmark for assessing whether their vendors have
data protection policies. This questionnaire helps organizations to gain trust and verify if their
vendors have implemented best security practices.

Privacy Shield Assessment

Demonstrate your organization’s data privacy mechanisms by completing the Privacy Shield
Assessment questionnaires. At Cyber Accord, we’ll guide your organization to pass the Privacy
Shield Assessment by aligning it to the standard’s requirements.

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