Migrating your business infrastructure to the cloud may create a security gap, exposing critical data and internal systems to cyber threats. CyberAccord offers continuous cloud security services to protect your business against destructive cyber attacks and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Assessment

CyberAccord’s cybersecurity provision extends to your AWS architecture. We run security assessments on your AWS infrastructure to detect security vulnerabilities, insecure AWS services, lack of security controls and deviation from best practices in Cloud Security 

Microsoft Azure Security Assessment

CyberAccord detects issues with your Azure environment to improve security and reliability. CyberAccord’s Azure security assessment ensures all your applications, data, features, controls, and other Azure assets are configured with the best security practices, so they do not pose risks to your organization.

Managed O365 Security

Securing Microsoft O365 applications such as Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and SharePoint, etc, protects your integrity and confidentiality. CyberAccord helps protect your organization from the ever-evolving Microsoft O365 threat landscape. We provide both visibility and security management services to maintain long-term business continuity and brand reputation.

Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Monitoring

Our Managed AWS provides a multi-layered approach to give you the right level of enterprise protection. At CyberAccord, we offer managed AWS monitoring and Incident response to identify, detect and deter any threats targeting your Amazon Web Services Infrastructure

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