Security Testing

Get ahead of your competitors with CyberAccord’s cutting-edge security testing solutions and procedures. We provide a wide range of security tests including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, social engineering testing, and source code analysis. Each testing procedure is optimized to deliver real business value.


Why CyberAccord’s Security Testing is the Ultimate

Our security testing is multi-platform, multidimensional and strategic to secure your business infrastructure from malicious access.

CyberAccord delivers security testing in four main approaches

Vulnerability Assessment

Our cybersecurity experts run vulnerability scanners to determine how much vulnerability can be exploited. We help you understand how far your technology framework can be compromised.

Penetration Testing

CyberAccord’s penetration testing follows manual and automated security testing processes to detect threats and vulnerabilities in your systems. We use a wide range of exploits on systems and applications to achieve a high degree of penetration.


Source Code Analysis

Handle security issues in code with CyberAccord’s source code analysis.

We run codes through a comprehensive check process to identify any weak spots and developer flaws.


Social Engineering

Our security experts exploit a wide range of social engineering tactics such as ethical phishing to test your employees’ awareness and to the organization’s policies. We help determine how your employees’ defenses….

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