vCISO – US Based
CISO Services
Safeguard your IT assets with an experienced, full-time virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO).
Unlike in-house security teams, vCISOs have deep insights and knowledge on how to undertake security operations. With a vCISO, your organization will develop a tailored cybersecurity approach that aligns with your business needs and goals.

Who is vCISO?

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is the organization’s point of contact for all security-related matters. The vCISO provides enterprise-level security far from that of in-house security teams. They are responsible for building defensive measures and security capabilities such as threat modeling, awareness training, incident response, and cyber resilience. They also conduct comprehensive security assessments to detect weaknesses and optimize the organization’s security standing.

Our vCISO offering includes the following:

Incident Management

Your vCISO collaborates with the organization’s staff to develop an incident response plan that reduces the impacts of data breaches. Both the immediate response and long-term recovery plans ensure maximum business continuity even in the event of an attack.

Security Awareness Training

Our vCISOs offer specialist cybersecurity training to ensure all staff are heads-up regarding matters regarding the organization’s security.

Cyber Defense Program Development

Our vCISO teams will implement a defense program to cushion your organization from all sorts of cyber attacks, from ransomware and Trojans to insider threats.

Annual IT Security Risk Assessment

Our vCISO team performs an annual IT risk assessment to identify and detect vulnerabilities, code errors, and embedded malware that may expose your organization to attacks. Also, this assessment puts your organization in line with compliance requirements.

Policy Development

Your organization needs stable IT policies to support the risk management goals. CyberAccord’s vCISO is highly experienced in creating policies and guidelines that enable business objectives at scale.

Risk Management

At CyberAccord, we’ve adopted a risk management approach that ensures the organization doesn’t suffer from data breaches. This involves manual testing, vulnerability assessment over systems and networks, and much more.

Benefits of a vCISO
Having a vCISO in your organization delivers both strengths and experience. Some of the benefits of a vCISO include:

Complete coverage of the IT environment


High scalability


Increased efficiency


Immediate impact


Lower costs


Maximum availability

vCISOs are highly experienced in providing top-of-the-range IT services. With a deep understanding of both business and security needs, Virtual CISOs provide the ultimate security leadership.
Why Cyber Accord vCISO Services?

Reduce cybersecurity risks with our hands-on vCISO who is dedicated to understand your business needs and protect your organization with the right strategy.

CyberAccord’s Virtual CISO team delivers comprehensive cybersecurity services at a fraction of the cost. We can improve your existing security program and reduce cyber risks with fewer costs and extra flexibility.

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