AWS Security
CyberAccord helps you develop a formidable AWS architecture to manage your application’s security. We provide the ultimate DevOps services for building AWS cloud architecture, so your organization can quickly build and deliver secure applications.

Our AWS security architecture involves three process

Examination. We examine all your permissions and user accounts to understand access utilization.
Interview. We interview your in-house IT teams to understand the various data flows in and out of your systems.
Reviewing. We review your current security footprint to identify any security gaps.
CyberAccord’s AWS Cloud Architecture
An efficient cloud security architecture should include all processes, policies, and tools required to protect your assets against threats. Our cloud architecture offering includes the following;

Networking/firewall configuration


System patching & vulnerability management


Disaster recovery and backups


Continuous monitoring


Audit logging and monitoring

Why CyberAccords AWS Security Architecture?
AWS security architecture is based on a shared responsibility model, where the provider is not wholly responsible for securing your deployments. Our security architecture offering is built around an optimized framework to provide your organization with a high-performance, resilient infrastructure.

We configure all cloud resources around your organizational needs to make it easy to develop and deploy applications and services.