Irrespective of what sector you are in, ensuring your organization is compliant with standard rules and regulations is very important. However, choosing a credible associate to keep your information systems secure and ensure you are always compliant can be challenging but you don’t need to worry as CyberAccord can help ensure this doesn’t occur to you.
CyberAccord completes a comprehensive network assessment that aligns with the specific regulatory compliance rules your business is bound by, (GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.). CyberAccord’s team of accredited consultants, will investigate for areas of non-compliance within your organization and provide a detailed report of our results and recommendations that address risks, potential impact, and urgency. With our team’s experience and proficiency with cyber technology the evaluation is simple, we have the expertise to keep your network and database security.
We’ll work attentively with organizations to ensure that they comply with all relevant business regulatory requirements. In addition, we will offer expert advice all through the compliance procedures to assist organizations in steering through difficult and rapidly changing compliance regulations.
Finally, CyberAccord’s Consulting Compliance Services ensure organizations put an end to regulatory mistakes, respond to cyber threats, identify management inefficiencies, and focus on their business objectives.


PCI-DSS is an intricate standard that is compulsory for all organizations that store, handle or transfer payment card information, as well as organizations that may be involved in the security of a credit card processing environment. If your application and product systems are concerned with credit card fiscal communications, then they must align with PCI-DSS principles and remain in accord with your compliance programs.
However, many organizations cannot simply pinpoint which of their application and product system parameters are affected by this regulation. In addition, organizations cannot resourcefully assess compliance of their vast application and product systems.
If your organization needs to meet PCI DSS standards without violating any compliance regulation, CyberAccord offers efficient PCI-DSS consultancy services to help you in reaching the utmost PCI standards. Our compliance service helps your organization in complying with PCI obligations and ensure acceptable PCI validation.
Our team of accredited consultants at CyberAccord, conduct (pre-)audits on your application systems and provide counsels to organizations that are aiming to attain, uphold or verify PCI compliance. PCI security standards are always evolving but CyberAccord will leverage the extensive knowledge of our PCI experts, to help you to uncover gaps in your application and product systems, evaluate and suggest practical remediation solutions.


Now that you’ve developed a viable plan, make sure you can execute controls, and establish compliance going forward.
Service Organization Control (SOC) 2, is an autonomous assessment of an organization’s level of readiness to have a SOC check executed on their in-house controls. Most business organizations deliver services to other firms which may involve the transfer of private client data, financial data, social security data, and other private data.
This is why SOC audits are conducted so as to prepare and provide reports to an organization’s clients in order to show that its organization’s operational environment is effectively protecting its clients and/ or financial information. A SOC 2 readiness assessment by CyberAccord helps outline one of the most significant readiness requirements of the Service Organization Control (SOC) context within your organization – what standard policies, processes, and other secondary information need to be in place.
CyberAccord’s team of qualified consultants can execute a SOC 2 readiness valuation to verify if an organization is equipped to undertake a SOC 2 appointment. We work with all kinds of organizations, both large and small to make certain that our clients pass SOC 2 compliance on the first attempt.
With our SOC readiness assessment, we at Cyber Accord, are going to prepare you for an audit engagement and eliminate the probability of a qualified opinion or reporting exception.


Business organizations need to comply with GDPR if they want to manage private data in the context of selling products or services to residents in EU countries. If your organization trades outside the EU but delivers products and services or even explores the activities of EU data subjects, then you must observe GDPR.
GDPR demands that organizations always protect EU data subjects and their confidentiality through a general combination of persons, procedures, and assets. A full governance approach and the appropriate security technologies are standard for keeping GDPR compliance. However, adopting the proper approach to data security is decisive in attaining GDPR compliance.
Cyber Accord’s Readiness Compliance Services, involves an assessment of important subjects of your organization and data protection resources, helping you pinpoint gaps and developing a GDPR compliance strategy supported by your GDPR obligations. We offer excellent GDPR compliance services to organizations that want to contract out the entire process to a trusted accredited Cybersecurity firm.
From the preliminary GDPR audit and review to the execution of the mandatory data protection layers, Cyber Accord will ensure that your organization meets the requisites of the General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, we’ll run a complete threat assessment of your organization’s current level of compliance with GDPR obligations and classify any subjects of privacy management and information security non-compliance.


New York State Department of Financial Services Rules and Regulations 500 focuses on all financial companies registered to carry out business activities in the State of New York. Involved organizations include investors, brokers, insurance firms and third parties. The 23 NYCRR Part 500 Cybersecurity Regulation, is planned to provide guidance for organizations to make sure there is in-house supervision, defensive strategies are in place, and implemented. Nonetheless, financial organizations such as banks or stock firms, are majorly responsible for ensuring the security and privacy of their financial data.
Cyber Accord’s NYCRR 500 Compliance Services will help to ensure that your company stays compliant with requisites for companies regularized by the New York Department of Banking and Finance, by working with you to fulfill readiness evaluation and then execute necessary strategies and technical defenses.
We provide organizations with expert services that ensure they comply with the 23 NYCRR security requisites and control of their defenses & controls. With Cyber Accord’s customizable set of assessment services, organizations can develop a program that is suitable for the size of their organization, even upon your varying demands.
From big time to small-time companies, our accredited compliance consultants will work with you to specifically custom-build a solution to your compliance needs.