Are your business processes bound by the GDPR regulations? Our DPIA services are designed to ensure your organization stays in line with the set regulations to avoid costly fines.
What is DPIA?
All organizations that collect and process data from European Union (EU) residents should be GDPR compliant. GDPR is a set of regulations that define how an organization can collect and process user data.

DPIA is a requirement that, should an organization change its protocols, processes, or policies, it should perform and document an assessment on the effect of the changes on user data. It enables an organization to identify and reduce the user privacy risks by analyzing how changes may impact user privacy.

Why Choose Cyber Accords Data Protection Impact Assessment Services?
Our DPIA helps your organization to proactively identify and control any compliance risks. After every business change, your organization must perform an assessment to check any impact on user data privacy.

At CyberAccord, we provide robust DPIAs following any change in protocol. We give independent expert advice and support that your organization needs to comply with the GDPR.

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