Social Engineering

At CyberAccord, we’ve perfected the art of performing social engineering tests on employees. We perform targeted actions against your employees to identify whether they are keen on the organization’s cybersecurity guidelines.
What is Social Engineering Testing?
Social engineering is the process of exploiting human weaknesses in order to gain access to valuable information. Social engineering can be done through ethical phishing, over the phone, or in person. Cybercriminals use various social engineering techniques to gain entry into your systems and perform malicious activities.

The purpose of our social engineering testing is to ensure employees adhere to the organization’s security standards.

Why You Need to Perform Social Engineering Tests
The majority of organizations emphasize the technical part of data security, leaving a vulnerable social gap. Through social engineering tests, an organization can assess its employee’s resilience to socially engineered attacks.
Social engineering tests give organizations the chance to evaluate employee’s vulnerability. It gives real-life experience with threats such as pretext phone calls and phishing emails to see which employees are the weakest and most vulnerable. This sets the stage for customized, intensive training to improve employee’s resilience.
Protect Your Organization’s Assets With CyberAccord’s Social Engineering Tests
Our social engineering tests employ automated attacks and human logic tests to assess whether your employees are prepared for real threats. We provide actionable insights to train your employees on social engineering threats they are likely to encounter.