Gap Assessments

Conducting compliance gap assessments is crucial to understanding whether an organization conforms to all set regulatory standards. It measures an organization’s existing policies and procedures against federal, state, and local regulations to identify gaps that may lead to
potential regulatory violations. Every organization needs a comprehensive check of its security gaps. At CyberAccord, we
provide broad assessments to detect any compliance shortcomings. By identifying assessment gaps, your company can implement corrective actions to mitigate any non-compliance risks.


Why CyberAccord’s Security Testing is the Ultimate

Our security testing is multi-platform, multidimensional and strategic to secure your business infrastructure from malicious access.

CyberAccord delivers security testing in four main approaches

NIST Gap Assessment

All organizations doing business with the federal government must be NIST compliant. At CyberAccord, we assess your organization’s policies and procedures to detect any gaps for
NIST 800-171, NIST SP 800-53, and NIST CSF compliance.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) requires organizations to conduct an impact assessment and document it before data processing following a change in policies, procedures, or protocols in an organization. After every operation

AWS/Azure Security Assessment

Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS provide a suite of scalable, reliable, and relatively inexpensive infrastructure so enterprises can deploy their applications in the cloud. They offer numerous productivity benefits, but it also requires proper configurations.

Azure Security Assessment

Azure-based organizations derive numerous benefits, including agility, seamless user access, and much more. CyberAccord provides regular assessments for your Azure cloud environment to ensure all applications and systems are secure from the various cloud threats.

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